Premium *Potted* Nordmann Fir non-drop Christmas trees.
Premium *Potted* Nordmann Fir non-drop Christmas trees.
Hand with mud under finger nails feeling the pine of a nordmann fir christmas tree

Premium *Potted* Nordmann Fir non-drop Christmas trees.

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*About the trees*

Our Nordmann Fir (pictured) pot-grown trees are sustainably sourced from a farm in Essex. Each tree has its own root system intact so it will happily live outside and can be enjoyed for years to come. The trees have a heavy-duty bag around their base but will need to sit on something waterproof as there can be some water leakage. Potted trees can be kept outside all year.


Order your Christmas tree online and collect it from Host of Leyton or have it delivered by bike to E10, E11 and E17.

Please note: your tree will come straight from the farm in the plastic pot it was grown in so we recommend you have another container to put it in when it's inside your home.

If you are thinking of collecting the trees in person, remember that potted trees can be quite heavy - the earth in the base adds to the weight of the tree. They can also be a bit mucky, so dress appropriately!

 *Caring for your potted tree*

We recommend bringing your tree into the house around the 6th of December at the earliest.

Once inside, treat your tree like a cut flower: water regularly and keep away from direct heat. If a tree gets too hot or dries out it may die.

After the Christmas period, if you put your tree outside - in a yard, balcony or garden - then the tree should continue to live on, provided it hasn't got too hot.

Nordmann firs are hardy and cope well with the UK climate.